Work/Job Site Lighting

No matter the situation or environment, WorkSite Lighting has solutions to make your job site safer for your workers. Whether it’s explosion-proof handheld lighting or high quality portable area illumination, WorkSite Lighting has your job site’s lighting covered.

WorkSite Lighting offers safe, energy-efficient and powerful area lights, which are available in many different mounting options. We are 100% positive we can help you put a high quality portable light exactly where you need it. And if the product you need doesn’t exist, we will consult with you to create a custom lighting solution that will fit your job’s application.

WorkSite Lighting offers jobsite lighting options unique to the workplace, like the Crane Mount Light, which mounts to the boom of a crane, creating a highly illuminated work area almost completely free of shadow. We also have portable LED area lights that are sold by no one else but WorkSite Lighting. Take a look at the selection below and call one of our lighting experts at 877-861-5255 for pricing and availability.

And don’t forget… we also do portable power distribution for your worksite as well!

Crane Mount Light

crane mount light
Available only from WorkSite Lighting, the Crane Mount Light is a safety-enhancing innovation born from a common sense idea: eliminate shadows from above. The Crane Mount Light attaches directly to a crane’s boom and illuminates a wide area of work surface directly beneath it. This means less shadows for the crane operator, and a safer and more productive work environment for the entire site. A WorkSite Lighting Exclusive Product The Crane Mount Lighting fixture is a highly customizable unit and can be outfitted with up to four 1,000w metal halide lamp. Each of these lamps is rated at 110,000 lumens, and is capable of covering 22,000 square feet! The Crane Mount Light can coordinate with existing lighting on site, creating a safe work zone with few shadows and blind spots.



Ideal for construction and demolition sites of all kinds, inspection jobs or emergency response, the 36” tall Wobblelight produces 40,000 lumens in a 360 degree pattern. With each unit capable of lighting up a 110’ radius, multiple Wobblelights can also be linked together to form a chain, providing light over a wide work area. At only 29 lbs., the Wobblelight can be easily stored and moved, and its metal halide lamp is fan-cooled.

The Toughest Worklight on the Planet!

Drag it, drop it or push it over… the Wobblelight always returns to position! The Wobblelight’s frame is ABS plastic: tough, lightweight and stays cool when the light is in use. A Lexan dome and a floating bulb shock system protect the bulb and keep you working in case the Wobblelight takes a hit.