Offshore Pressure Washer

5000 PSI Offshore Pressure Washer
WorkSite Lighting’s 5000 PSI Offshore Pressure Washer handles the nastiest cleaning jobs in the world’s most demanding environments. Specifically, it provides maximum power in an easily portable, low-profile frame. This offshore pressure washer goes anywhere and delivers a maximum of 5.1 gallons per minute at 5000 PSI. It features a corrosion-resistant aluminum frame, fuel tank and belt guard, and transports easily by forklift or four-point pickup. Also, this pressure washer seamlessly mounts to trailers for mobile use.


Weight: lbs.

Rating: 5 GPM @ 5000 PSI
Engine: 18 HP Kohler KD6252 Diesel engine
Pump: General TSP1819 triplex plunger pump (Max 5100 PSI, RPM 1450)
Frame: Aluminum baseplate
Drive: HTD drive with aluminum belt guard
Hose: 3/8” x 50’ hose (6000 PSI WP)
Gun: Trigger gun with 48” insulated extension lance.
Nozzles: Set of four assorted spray nozzles
Pump Saver: Thermal sensor valve prevents pump overheating
Unloader: Heavy duty YU5221 stainless unloader
Fuel Tank: 13-gallon aluminum fuel tank

Inventory Ready To Ship - Call Us Today: 877-861-5255

Call Us Today: 877-861-5255