Lighting Safety Cable

Stainless Steel Lighting Safety Cable
Work sites like drilling rigs, ships, and transport vehicles feature vibration and weather hazards. These sites increase the likelihood of dropped object risks. The WorkSite Lighting retention cable adds an additional level of protection for your workers. It secures lighting fixtures with the strength of stainless steel.

Our lighting safety cables work seamlessly with WorkSite Lighting’s full array of explosion-proof LED area lights, attaching easily to their frames, regardless of mount.

Unlike many other safety cables, WorkSite Lighting uses stainless steel components from end to end. Stainless steel components allow the cable not to suffer wear and tear outdoors or in marine environments, like those made from aluminum.

Our lighting safety cable supports 250 lbs, and is the highest-quality cable of its kind on the market. Our cables are 4’ long and attach to lights with a stainless steel carabiner. Additionally, they are made in the USA.


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