Class 1 Division 2 Lighting

WorkSite Lighting sells industrial grade explosion proof lights for hazardous area lighting that are class 1 division 2 rated, for job sites where gas or vapor of sufficient quantity can exist in abnormal conditions. Our Class 1 div 2 ex proof lights are used in hazardous locations lighting areas with combustible dust as defined by OSHA regulations, such as mills processing fine particulates and manufacturing handling or storage of pharmaceuticals, fireworks, plastics, magnesium, aluminum powders, coal.

Offshore Skid Lighting

Class 1 Div 2 Application “THE BIG EASY" - Big on power and light, easy on maintenance. Hazardous offshore certified, engineered, stress and load tested units. Meeting industry safety standards and regulation for USA and International applications. Long life design with galvanized mast, frams & skids with stainless steel cabinets and other options. These specifications make our units corrosion resistant to offshore harsh environments. Also electrical distribution panel.