Offshore Light Towers

Offshore Ready Light Towers

WorkSite Lighting’s Offshore-Ready LED Light Tower is depended on by offshore drilling professionals around the world. Our advanced lighting and structural design exceeds the latest requirements for equipment in the offshore industry. Units are delivered Offshore Ready with Load Test Certification, Rigging Certification and Engineer’s Structural ASTM Stamp. Optional LED Class 1 Division 2 Light Fixtures bring clarity to the job site and carry extended warranties. WorkSite Lighting’s optional quad-pod or tripod mounted, LED Explosion Proof Lights can be powered from the light towers auxiliary power for operating in the Class 1 Division 1 area near the drilling platform. The OSLT8 is designed and backed by WorkSite Lighting’s management team with more than 30 years critical field experience and a combined 80 years of manufacturing experience.

Offshore LED Light Tower

Offshore LED Hazardous Location Light Tower
Engineered for the World’s Toughest Work Environments

No matter where you work, safety is the number one priority. But when you work in a hazardous location like an offshore platform, a barge or in the oil field, space is in short supply. Your tools need to deliver maximum effectiveness with no wasted space on deck.

That’s what WorkSite Lighting’s Hazardous Location LED Light Tower does better than any other light tower on the market. It’s four 112w LED lamps deliver nearly 50,000 lumens to your workspace, in a frame that's a little over three feet wide and just under eight feet long.

Powerful: It provides 14,000 square feet of light from one tower.
Versatile: It has light and power generation in one package; vertical boom extends from 7 to 15 feet, and rotates 360 degrees.
Efficient: Its explosion-proof LED lights require less power from the generator to operate than conventional lights.
Durable: The frames are ASTM welded steel, and the complete unit is hot dip galvanized. Cabinets are available in corrosion-resistant stainless steel or aluminum, ideal for your hazardous location.

2600 – LED Series Explosion Proof Handlamp With Inline Transformer

2600 – LED Series Explosion Proof Handlamp With Inline Transformer

The 2600 LED series offers safety, reliability, and versatility in a lightweight explosion-proof inspection light. WorkSite Lighting offers this industry-leading product with an inline transformer, increasing its already high level of safety on the job. The 120v/12v transformer allows workers to use standard 120v power at the source, which is transformed into low-voltage 12v power at the inspection site. Eliminates the need for an external step-down transformer.

The Same Functionality of Traditional Handlamps – But with Improved LED Performance and the Added Safety of an Inline Transformer!

Simple in design, and the ultimate in safe, efficient operation, the 2600 Series LED Handlamp offers 800 lumens of lighting for your individual workspace. With near limitless possibilities for use, and able to take the roughest treatment in the workplace, this Handlamp exceeds all other models in its class when it comes to quality of light, toughness and portability. Its LED bulb is vibration and shock resistant, and its corrosion-resistant housing is suitable for wet-locations. Ideal for petrochemical, aircraft, marine, confined space, grain elevator, mining, refinery, offshore and oilfield applications.

Offshore Air Compressor

air compressor
Offshore-Ready, Skid Mounted Industrial Air Compressors with delivery systems available from 185 - 900ft 3 a minute (cfm) allows pneumatically operated tools and painting in areas that are too hazardous or harsh to operate traditional compressed air delivery systems. Offshore-Ready configuration includes galvanized frame, stainless steel cabinet and a high efficiency cooling system.