Tank Lights and Cart Lights

WorkSite Lighting is a leading manufacturer of portable jobsite lights and industrial lighting fixtures designed for applications in hazardous locations. We specialize in explosion proof lights manufactured to Class 1 Division 1 Lighting and Zone 0 and 1 standards.

One of the most important applications of our products is in confined space tank cleaning and inspection. A reliable tank light is essential to work crews engaged in these activities, as the standard of safety is critical, and the needs for high performance and reliability are also a priority. At WorkSite Lighting, we offer a number of options, from our state-of-the-art Frac Tank Light to other explosion proof LED options like our 150w cart light and the very popular Linear LED Lights.

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Frac Tank Light

frac tank light

When it comes to tank lighting, there are plenty of lights out there that CAN be used as tank lights, but only one that’s been specially created to take tank cleaning to another level. WorkSite Lighting’s Frac Tank Light is designed to provide unmatched portability and lighting for one of industry’s dirtiest jobs.

The ULTIMATE Tank Light

WorkSite Lighting’s Frac Tank Light is powerful, with two BRIGHT, instant-on 70w LED lights, rated at 5,800 lumens each. Unlike other tank lights, this unit is lightweight and can easily fit through the smallest manways. If you can squeeze through, so can this light. The Frac Tank Light can be hung, ladder-mounted or set in place. Unit height can be adjusted in seconds. Its all-aluminum housing can take a licking and resist corrosion. Lexan shields protect LED lenses, and its LED bulbs have an expected 100,000 hours of use.

4 ft. Linear LED Light


A WorkSite Lighting Exclusive. Like no other portable light in the world, our 4’ Linear LED Light maximizes light output from a small, portable unit. Explosion-proof and durable, these lights have one truly different quality: they can pass through virtually any opening on your worksite, and deliver safe, efficient light.

Wide Area Explosion-Proof Lighting in an Easily Portable Package

It’s true to color LED light rates at 7,250 lumens, providing brightness and unmatched clarity on the site. Our Linear LED lights are also the very definition of portable, able to slip through the narrowest manways and gaps. Numerous mounting options are available. The 4’ Linear LED light is great in confined spaces, tanks and hazardous areas. Aluminum housing and mounting frames protect a vibration-resistant LED lighting unit. LED banks are guarded by plexiglass. These units will serve through many years of heavy use.