Explosion Proof LED Lighting

WorkSite Lighting is a leading manufacturer of portable jobsite lights and industrial lighting fixtures designed for hazardous, explosion proof and zone lighting. We manufacture explosion proof lights to Class 1 Division 1 Lighting and Zone 0 and 1 standards for use where gas or vapor is normally expected in areas such as confined space tank cleaning, refineries, paint spray booths, application of coatings, power plants and utilities, refueling areas, aviation and aerospace maintenance, and oil and gas exploration in oilfields and on offshore platforms. We provide explosion proof tank lights, string lights, flashlights, magnetic base lights, spot lights, inline systems, handlamps, drop lights, flood lights and metal halide or LED cart lights to meet your specific application. Our lights built to Class 1 Division 2 Lighting requirements available in the same configurations meet regulations and standards for areas where gas or vapor of sufficient quantity can exist in abnormal conditions. WorkSite’s Class 2 Div 1 and Class 2 Division 2 portable hazardous area lighting in handheld hand lamps, light strings, stand lights, and ladder scaffold and railing mount lightsare used in hazardous location lighting areas such as mills processing fine particulates, grain, flour and sugar, or in the manufacturing, handling or storage of pharmaceuticals, fireworks, plastics, magnesium, aluminum powders, coal, and other combustible dust areas as defined by OSHA regulations.

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