Chemical and Pharmaceutical Lighting

Crane Mount Light

crane mount light
Available only from WorkSite Lighting, the Crane Mount Light is a safety-enhancing innovation born from a common sense idea: eliminate shadows from above. The Crane Mount Light attaches directly to a crane’s boom and illuminates a wide area of work surface directly beneath it. This means less shadows for the crane operator, and a safer and more productive work environment for the entire site. A WorkSite Lighting Exclusive Product The Crane Mount Lighting fixture is a highly customizable unit and can be outfitted with up to four 1,000w metal halide lamp. Each of these lamps is rated at 110,000 lumens, and is capable of covering 22,000 square feet! The Crane Mount Light can coordinate with existing lighting on site, creating a safe work zone with few shadows and blind spots.

4 ft. Linear LED Light

4 ft. Linear LED Light

A WorkSite Lighting Exclusive. Like no other portable light in the world, our 4’ Linear LED Light maximizes light output from a small, portable unit. Explosion-proof and durable, these lights have one truly different quality: they can pass through virtually any opening on your worksite, and deliver safe, efficient light.

Wide Area Explosion-Proof Lighting in an Easily Portable Package

It’s true to color LED light rates at 7,250 lumens, providing brightness and unmatched clarity on the site. Our Linear LED lights are also the very definition of portable, able to slip through the narrowest manways and gaps. Numerous mounting options are available. The 4’ Linear LED light is great in confined spaces, tanks and hazardous areas. Aluminum housing and mounting frames protect a vibration-resistant LED lighting unit. LED banks are guarded by plexiglass. These units will serve through many years of heavy use.

75W Explosion Proof Inline System 12V

dw explosion proof inline system

This unit combines our popular 75w explosion-proof extension handlamp with a 120v/12v stepdown transformer. This allows the unit to draw power from a 120v source, while using a safe 12v low voltage at the lamp end. This front-line unit is easily portable, rugged, simple to use, and it delivers safe, dependable light where you need it most.

Handlamp and transformer all in one unit!

The 75w explosion proof inline transformer unit is available in 50’ or 100’ secondary cord lengths. WorkSite Lighting specializes in fast turnaround on all handlamps, inline transformer units, and string lights, so this model is usually ready to roll the day you order.

Ideal for petrochemical, aircraft, marine, confined space, grain elevator, mining, refinery, offshore and oilfield applications.