Portable Power Distribution

In addition to being an explosion proof lighting manufacturer, WorkSite provides suppliers with temporary power for construction work site and maintenance turn around projects including portable power distribution panels in cart and box style. Portable load centers with step down transformers available in multiple KVA ratings including 15 kva, 25 kva, 45 kva and 75 kva convert high voltage 600 or 480 volt to lower 120 208 and 240 useable voltages. To fill your complete temporary power distribution requirements we offer spider boxes, 480 volt GFI and 120 volt ground fault interrupter GFCI Boxes and outlets. Generator accessories include automatic transfer switches and generator cables and connectors including cam lock fittings and power cabling complete with male and female cam lok connectors. Our custom shop can engineer to your standards the perfect portable power distribution box with the correct temporary power panel for your specific power requirements. For whatever your needs may be, you can look to us as your source for all of your temporary portable power distribution center needs.

For more information about our portable power distribution capabilities, contact us today, or call us at 877-861-5255 for further assistance.

75W Explosion Proof Extension Handlamp


There is no more popular explosion-proof personal inspection light in the world than our 75w extension handlamp, and for good reason. This front-line light is highly portable, rugged, simple to use, and it delivers safe, dependable light where you need it most.

Available in cord lengths from 25 to 200 feet!

The 75w explosion proof extension handlamp offers a number of custom options. It’s available in 120v or 12v models, with cord lengths from 25 to 200 feet! The 12v model features an optional twist-lock plug. WorkSite Lighting specializes in fast turnaround on handlamps, inline transformer units, and string lights, so this model is usually ready to roll the day you order.

Ideal for petrochemical, aircraft, marine, confined space, grain elevator, mining, refinery, offshore and oilfield applications.

Welding Machine Six Pack

Available only from WorkSite Lighting, the Welding Machine Six Pack is unlike any other portable power distribution unit in the world. Imagine housing and powering up to six welding machines on one unit, clearing your work site of cables and allowing your welders to base their operation from a single safe and efficient source.

The Tool You Need to Organize and Power Your Welding Operation

This machine is powerful, featuring primary power voltage of 480v & 600v with six receptacles on its back for Miller XMT 350A Series welders. The secondary load center features 240v 50a main breaker for 8 x 120v 20amp circuit breakers and eight 120v 20amp GFCI receptacles. A primary disconnect interrupter switch shuts the unit off in case of emergency. Its design allows for six welding machines to operate with minimal footprint on site. The entire unit can be moved by caster wheels, forklift pockets or four-point pickup. The Welding Machine Six Pack is ideal for shore-to-ship operations.