LED Explosion-Proof Hand Lamp with Inline Transformer

LED Explosion-Proof Hand Lamp with Inline Transformer

This unit combines our popular LED explosion-proof extension hand lamp with a 120v/12v stepdown transformer. This allows the unit to draw power from a 120v source, while using a safe 12v low voltage at the lamp end. This inspection lamp is portable, rugged, simple to use, and it delivers safe, dependable light where you need it most. Its LED lamp is shock and vibration-resistant, energy efficient and long-lasting.

Hand lamp and transformer all in one unit!

The LED Explosion-proof Hand Lamp with Inline Transformer is available in 50’ or 100’ secondary cord lengths.

WorkSite Lighting specializes in fast turnaround on all hand lamps, inline transformer units, and string lights, so this model can be in the hands of your work crews right away.

Ideal for petrochemical, aircraft, marine, confined space, grain elevator, mining, refinery, offshore and oilfield applications.

Model: DWXPLEDIL50-12V (50ft. secondary cord),DWXPLEDIL100-12V (100 ft. secondary cord)

Weight: 20 lbs.

  • 8W LED bulb (600 lumens)
  • Non-sparking material
  • 50’ or 100’ max secondary 14/3 SOW cord
  • 10’ Primary cord 14/3 SOW cord
  • 120V to 12V inline transformer
  • Weatherproof transformer boot
  • Weatherproof straight blade plug
  • Aluminum carry handle for transformer
  • 50/60 Hz 120/240V, 110/220V Transformer
  • Class 1 Division 1 Group C & D
  • Class 2 Division 2 Group F & G

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