Offshore Air Compressor

air compressor
Offshore-Ready, Skid Mounted Industrial Air Compressors with delivery systems available from 185 - 900ft 3 a minute (cfm) allows pneumatically operated tools and painting in areas that are too hazardous or harsh to operate traditional compressed air delivery systems. Offshore-Ready configuration includes galvanized frame, stainless steel cabinet and a high efficiency cooling system.


Weight: lbs.

  • Kubota 4 cylinder diesel
  • Two 3/4”; 1x1” air quick connect
  • 42.9 hp power at full load
  • 2600 rpm full load speed
  • 28 gallon fuel tank
  • Sound attenuated 76db at 23 ft
  • 210 CFM at 100 psig
  • Galvanized steel frame, load test certified
  • Four point lifting eyes / forklift pockets
  • Stainless steel cabinet, hardware, and instrument panel
  • Positive air shutdown
  • Cooling fan has anti-static non sparking blades
  • Insulated engine exhaust blanket and spark arrestor
  • Lifting Bridle

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Call Us Today: 877-861-5255