Welding Machine Six Pack

Welding Portable Power

Available only from WorkSite Lighting, the Welding Machine Six Pack is unlike any other portable power distribution unit in the world. Imagine housing and powering up to six welding machines on one unit, clearing your work site of cables and allowing your welders to base their operation from a single safe and efficient source.

The Tool You Need to Organize and Power Your Welding Operation

This machine is powerful, featuring primary power voltage of 480v & 600v with six receptacles on its back for Miller XMT 350A Series welders. The secondary load center features 240v 50a main breaker for 8 x 120v 20amp circuit breakers and eight 120v 20amp GFCI receptacles. A primary disconnect interrupter switch shuts the unit off in case of emergency. Its design allows for six welding machines to operate with minimal footprint on site. The entire unit can be moved by caster wheels, forklift pockets or four-point pickup. The Welding Machine Six Pack is ideal for shore-to-ship operations.

Model: RC350MILLER/DT1001

Weight: lbs.


Welding machines not included.


  • Frame Dimensions: H 67 5/8” x L 42” x W 34”
  • Frame Weight: 309 lbs.
  • Frame Material: ASTM spec out steel

Distribution Welder Unit

  • Cabinet Dimensions: H 22 9/16” x L 26 3/16” x W 25 3/4”
  • Cabinet Material: Aluminum
  • Cabinet Weight: 215 lbs.
  • Primary Power Voltage: 480v & 600v - 150 amp shunt trip breaker
  • Primary Receptacles: 6x 480v & 600v on back of unit for Miller XMT 350A Series welders
  • Secondary Load Center: 10kva 240v 50amp main breaker for 8x 120v 20amp circuit breakers and 8x 120v 20amp GFCI duplex receptacles
  • Disconnect Switch: 150amp 480v & 600v 3 phase

Combined Weight: 524 lbs.

Additional Information:

Fits Miller XMT 350A Series welders

  • Engineer designed for long life
  • Steel caster wheels (w/locking brake)
  • Forklift pockets
  • Eight cord wraps with switch swivels
  • All switches and receptacles have outlet covers
  • Primary power cord is 2/4 sow cord, 25 ft.

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Call Us Today: 877-861-5255