Explosion Proof LED Flashlight

Explosion Proof LED Flashlight
This explosion proof flashlight has a bright CREE LED discharge is Class 1 Div 1 Groups A, B, C and D rated for hazardous locations such as oil and gas equipment inspection, fluid level detection and utility maintenance crews operating near methane gases. This explosion proof flashlight is the choice of professionals requiring a bright, hand-held portable source of light.


Weight: 3.53 oz lbs.

  • Dive Light, Searchlight, Flashlight
  • Class I Div I groups A-G
  • Requires 3 AA batteries
  • 270 lumens 1-2 hours gradually decreasing to 80 lumens at 72 hours
  • If using lithium batteries can be stored for almost 10 years
  • Triple O-ring sealed is pressure tested to 200 meters (600’) depth
  • Strong enough to be run over by an automobile
  • Light head is machined aerospace aluminum, mil-spec hard anodized
  • The body is Delrin® acetal resin (POM)
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty. If it wears out, stops working, or you break it, we will fix it or replace it free of charge.

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