Offshore Light Tower for Hazardous Locations

WORKSITE LIGHTING’S Offshore-Ready Light Tower rated for hazardous locations meets the latest engineering and industry safety standards for United States and overseas operations. Engineered to withstand harsh offshore environments, its long-life design features a stainless steel cabinet and a galvanized frame, skid and vertical mast.

Big on Power and Light… Easy on Maintenance


  • Kubota or Mitsubishi Diesel Engine
  • 4-Class 1, Div. 2 Light Fixtures with individual on/off switches
  • Harsh-Duty Rated Generator
  • 6, 8, or 10KW Single phase Marathon marine grade generator ends
  • Auto / Manual Air Intake shut down
  • Electrical distribution panel 2-120v 20A receptacles Class 1 Div. 1

Lighting Boom:

  • 7′ to 15′ in height
  • Easy one person rotation: 360 degree
  • 6 to 1 reduction gear winch
  • Safety stop pen protection
  • Protective cover above light fixtures


  • Environmental containment pan
  • 4 point lifting pad eyes
  • Lifting bridle
  • 4” x 12″ forklift pockets

Compliance Specifications:

  • Engineer stress test specifications
  • Load Test/Rigging Certified
  • ASTM Structural Certification

Optional Features

Offshore-Ready Explosion Proof Light Tower